I’ve gotten several letters from people asking, “Is there really going to be a movie?” Well, I believe so. We’re partway there. But I have to be honest: it really depends upon you!

You see, in Hollywood movies get made today based upon “the size of the I.P.,” the intellectual property. If you write a great book and no one has ever heard of it, your chances of making a movie are nil. If you gain a huge audience, a following of millions, you will indeed get the movie made. That’s why movies like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter got made. They had millions of fans, and that served as a guarantee to the studios that people would come.

But book fans are notoriously hard to locate. We’ve sold millions of copies of the books around the globe, but I couldn’t tell you who those readers are. The book sold well in places like Poland, Romania, France, Germany, England, Australia, South Africa, Russia, and even went into Japan and China. Do I know who is reading the books in Japan or Taiwan? I have no idea.

So we’re in that phase where we hope to hear back from fans. A lot of people have written to ask “When will someone make a movie of this?” Well, so much depends upon you.

If you’re a fan, then definitely “Like” us on Facebook. Even “Share” a post so that your friends will visit the site. Leave a “comment” in our forum, if only to say, “I can’t wait to see this movie.”

And you don’t have to be a Runelords fan to do that. If you’re looking forward to seeing the Hobbit, or you loved Star Wars, or you’re a fan of Twilight, or any other major fantasy franchise, this just might be the coolest movie you see in the next ten years. So let people know, “This looks like it could be a cool movie.”

Ultimately, our ability to get this film made depends in large part upon people like you.

Thank you,

David Farland