David Farland was recently interviewed by Sledge over at BRWC (Battle Royal With Cheese), and we wanted to share a portion of their discussion with you.

BRWC: Would your novels make great films/TV series? Star Wars: The Courtship of Princess Leia?

David Farland: They would. In fact, we’re getting ready to take the Runelords to Hollywood and make a movie. I’ve written the screenplay, and you can learn more about it at www.runelordsmovie.com.

BRWC: Tell us about the Runelords?

David Farland: The Runelords is a fantasy novel set in a strange world where the lords can draw attributes–such as brawn, wit, glamour, and speed–from their vassals, through the use of magical branding irons called “forcibles.” Thus, a lord can have the strength of ten men, the speed of three. But the spell only lasts as long as the lord and the vassal both remain alive, and so the lords must be careful to protect those who serve them.

The story tells of Gaborn Val Orden, a prince who is reluctant to use his powers. He hates the idea of taking the wit from a man, leaving him a fool, or taking the sight from a man, leaving him blind.

While on the way to visit a princess who is of like mind, he discovers that her kingdom has been invaded by a king who has taken so many attributes, he is godlike in his power. So Gaborn finds himself thrust into a battle for the fate of a girl, a kingdom, and an entire world.

BRWC: Why make this into a film?

David Farland: I love storytelling in all mediums. Film is much easier for an audience to grasp than a book, though it isn’t as satisfying.

BRWC: How is the process from book to film going?

David Farland: It’s going great. I’ve done eight drafts on the film, and we’ll begin taking meetings with studios soon.

You can read the full interview HERE!