We have received countless submissions for our art contest but would like to highlight a few of our favorites thus far.

The first image was sent to us by Ryan and features Gaborn Val Orden.

Even our younger fans are getting in on The Runelords action! We received this submission from an Irish teenager via our RunelordsMovie Twitter account. Keep up the good work!

The Runelords are stunned with your impressive entries so far and would love to see even more! The contest ends June 1 so continue to submit your artwork!

The winning entry will be included in the “Making of the Runelords” book when the movie edition comes out, along with the name and picture of the artist.

We ask that only that we have the right to show the work on our website for non-commercial use. All entrants will be asked to sign a release on the rights, in case the actual movie poster uses images that are similar in design. (For example, certain characters will be a must on the posters.)

Submission Instructions: Please send your finished artwork to contests@runelordsmovie.com.

There is also a Runelords movie video contest being held. Click here to learn more!